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Want to save money but don't know where to start? With a thorough analysis of your spending, you'll find personalized saving strategies so you can take action! Don't worry, the City Council team is here to help!

Find Ways to Save

With just the tap of a finger, you can easily review your expenses! Don't cut corners on self-investment, simply limit those frivolous purchases and impulse buys. Let's make that a priority!

Reduce Expense Frequency

Little expenses add up quickly. Once you've identified which expenses are the most frequent, you can focus on reducing them to reach your savings goals!

Create Practical Budgets

Start by figuring out how much you normally spend to get an idea of places to save and create a budget you can stick to! Setting goals you can reach is the key to good personal finance!

Track Fluctuations in Spending

Once you've got a goal, we'll help you keep track of how you're doing. Any major changes in your habits or especially large purchases? The sooner you notice, the faster you'll be able to react!

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Founder of Taiwan ETF Academy

I encourage everyone to include more self-investment in their personal budgets. It’s the best way to develop your future and have more opportunities to increase your income!

Ryan Lee
Average Joe

The Expense Frequency function helps me challenge myself to save money, while the Trend Analysis helps me get a better idea of how I’m spending it. This app is totally worth it!

Christon Lin
White Collar Employee

The Budget functions make it easy to know how much I’ve spent at any point, as well as how much I have left. The app helps me save more, so I can go do more of the things I like!

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